Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Candid Wedding Photography

Have you heard of the term ‘candid wedding photography’? DO you know what actually Candid Wedding Photography is? Well, it is the modern day photography that captures the moments while maintaining their originality and natural essence without demanding people to specially pose for the camera.

If you are looking forward for the ‘big day’ of your life, that is, wedding, you definitely need to know more about candid wedding photography. So adjust your focus, take the right angle and say lights, camera, action with us as we throw light on candid wedding photography and the top reasons why you should opt for it!

 Candid Wedding Photographers

Candid Wedding Photography – An Introduction

Candid wedding photography can be best described as the photography that is totally different in its concept from the traditional wedding photography. While in traditional wedding photography, the photographers ask for perfect directions and request guests to pose, the candid photos are clicked in complete natural forms. People pictured through this sort of photography do not know that they are being captured in the camera. Candid wedding photographers do not alter any scene and catch it as it is!

Candid wedding photographers always keep a keen eye for the right moments and scenes. They stay attentive and active so that they do not miss on anything important. A good candid photographer completely understands that candid moments do not last for long so he stays prepared and ready in every way.

Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Now that you have understood the meaning of this interesting photography style, it’s now time to explore the top reasons for why one should opt for this kind of photography!


  1. Natural poses are always better than artificial poses – This is our first and the most important reason for why anyone should choose the candid photography for any celebration or function! Just compare few pictures with artificial poses and natural poses. Ask yourself, which are better? An honest reply will always favor those with natural poses. The same applies to candid photography which believes in captivating moments in their natural form. Natural poses are full of life, expression and everlasting beauty.


  1. Maintains essence of natural expressions – In candid photography, one does not even know that his or her picture is being taken so no one asks you to smile every time. Hence, the natural beauty as well as true expressions of scenes and subjects are maintained and captured perfectly. Also, it’s worth mentioning here that a good photography is the one which values and preserves the natural expressions of anyone!



  1. Captures even the shortest memorable moments – Wedding day is the time where all your family members, relatives, friends and other guests come together for celebration. Many short-lived moments of anybody can be captured perfectly only through candid photography. A bride adjusting her earrings, bride’s father sobbing quietly, groom holding the bride’s hand while she comes on stage and many other moments that can vanish in seconds are clicked only by an experienced candid wedding photographer.


  1. Involves superb editing and styles – Another reason why you need to choose this creative style of photography is that candid wedding photographers are very well equipped with the latest tools and techniques of the photography arena. Hence, they can edit pictures in the perfect way that makes those pictures look almost alive!

Candid Wedding Photography  


  1. Full of surprises – While in traditional photography you remember yours as well as others’ poses, the candid pictures, when developed, bring pleasant surprises for many guests and relatives who stay totally unaware about their pictures being taken. Hence, when the final candid wedding album arrives, it brings smiles on numerous faces! The candid wedding album is always welcomed with giggles, smiles and pleasure.


  1. Best suited photography style for weddings – Good and memorable moments are not only those that appear on the main stage! Rather, the moments that happen back stage or off-stage are also special, provided they get caught in the camera at the right time! This is possible only through candid photography. For instance, the expressions of bride when she finally gets ready to step out of her room and moves towards the main area where everyone is waiting for her! Similarly, the expressions of little girls when the bride says goodbye to her parental home and move towards the car to start a new journey with her husband! Candid photographer watches all these moments with complete attention and does not miss any of them. Therefore, this is the best suited photography, especially for any wedding ceremony.



  1. A great positive change that involves true freedom of expressionAnd last but not at all the least, we would like to mention that candid photography lets you stay the way you are! It doesn’t demand you for a forced smile, for any special pose or for a particular direction. In short, it gives you complete freedom of expression! All our life, we keep on posing formally and artificially in front of the camera – be it the first photograph for forms of 10th or the applications for colleges, the job forms or simply attending any ceremony, we are always asked to predict ourselves in front of the camera. So why not choose something that is natural and original? Something that portrays the real YOU! And all these points amalgamate together into one form of photography called the Candid photography! That is our last reason on why you ought to choose this photography.


With the growing trend of candid photography, finding best candid wedding photographer in Delhi or at other places in India is not so difficult, now! Choose a photographer who is well experienced and well equipped.  You can find an experienced candid wedding photographer in Delhi or at some other place by putting in some effort and time.

Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles,” and candid wedding photography completely justifies that! It’s now time to shut down the camera with the final note that choosing candid wedding photography helps you capture special moments of today which will WOW your heart, tomorrow!