Changing trends in weddings (what’s new)

Indian wedding celebrations are very opulent and entail many ritual and cultural activity during this occasion. Indian wedding carry out many events, music, colors and many more, but now a days this trend is changing day by day people have started celebrating their marriage in vintage style. Where marriage planner was not need of any marriage now without marriage planner a marriage can’t be imagined. A marriage planner plans whole events, decoration, color code, even the timing of wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner will save you from a lot of stress during the marriage time. Now a day traditional Indian wedding is being witnessed to change into innovative wedding. To make marriage more memorable people are trying to hire best wedding planners from all around the world. People just want a theme based ceremony, with every minute detailed work out in sync.

Some changing trends in India wedding:

Wedding venue:  Venue is utmost important part of them based wedding, venue gives a basic and genuine look to your ceremony. Finding best venue for this occasion provides a different look to this ceremony.

Schedule for the wedding: To keep your wedding organized you should plan a calendar of all the events is to be arranged in ceremony.

Theme of wedding: Theme based wedding is now in demand, people are demanding a theme base wedding to make their ceremony memorable. A theme provides a different look to your occasion.

Music: Music is an integral part of every wedding and provides a musical theme. Music Is most demanded part of every wed.

Decoration: Decoration is the basis of every wedding it gives look to venue, arrangement of flower and color combination is being used with. Flowers may be real or artificial it will add an additional look to the venue.

Wedding cake: Cake is demanded in all occasion like wedding and is put proper attention on color theme.

Wedding planner: Wedding planner is in demand they take proper care of all the chain of events has to be arranged. Hence you should involve in decision and work done at the place.

Catering: catering is the final event that finalizes your marriage ceremony and leave good impression on the guest present there.

Accommodation and transportation: Hiring a luxurious accommodation for your guest leave an impression on your guests. And transportation assists you to receiving the guest from their destination to the marriage venue. Some time you have to receive you guest from airport to their stay hotels or the place where they have to stay.