How to Choose the Best Photos for your Wedding Album

How to Choose the Best Photos for your Wedding Album – Top 10 Tips

Sorting pics to get printed in the wedding album has become the biggest task for couples these days. From thousands of pictures they need to select a handful of them to get printed. And with so many good options it becomes really difficult for them to decide which one to keep and which one to discard. There is a perfect way for sorting and arranging wedding photographs so that they turn out into a perfect wedding album! A wedding album is the chronicle of memories associated with your grand wedding day. But the real problem arises when you have to choose the best from thousands of wedding photographs handed over to you by your wedding photographer! In order to get a flawless wedding album, you need to select all images carefully. To help you out on this issue, we decided to share some simple yet very significant tips on how to choose the best photos for your wedding album. So let’s take a quick glance at these top 10 useful tips for the same!

  1. Choose Special Photographs for Front Cover & Back Cover

Front and back covers of a wedding album play a very significant role. They create the very first impression for any photo album. Hence, choose beautiful pictures for the front and back cover. Groom holding bride’s hands, the photograph of engagements rings of both groom and bride, a beautiful black and white picture of bride on front cover and that of groom on the back cover are some of the many ideas that can be applied while choosing pictures for the cover pages of wedding album.

Album Cover


  1. Categorize the Pictures & Choose the Best

When your photographer hands over the photos to you, you can clearly notice many replica photographs. An easy way of sorting photos is to choose the best ones from each category. For example, you can divide the whole wedding ceremony into several parts like getting ready for the big day, arrival on the venue, eating & drinking time, dance or entertainment time, final departure etc. Once you decide the categories, you have to select best photographs for each category.


  1. Pick Your Favorites and Not the ‘Should Be’ Photographs

Whatever rule you follow to create your wedding album but never ignore the fact that your wedding album is a collection of memories and sentiments. What we mean to say is that you should pick certain photos which you love at first site! Never ignore any such photo which reminds you of a beautiful memory but is not technically correct! After all, it is your wedding, your wedding album and so the final decision of choosing the pictures should also be yours!



  1. Add Selected Photos & Give Space to Your Photographs

DO not ever make your wedding album look congested. Let your every photograph get enough space in the album so that it can breathe freely. Therefore, get a good sized album and arrange the pictures in such a way that every image gets a suitable layout with complete lucidness and space. This will also help you place big photos in your album. Especially, this tip should be applied to the bride and groom pictures as they are the most special persons in any wedding ceremony.

Wedding Album 

  1. Choose Photographs that are Good in Light & Color

Sometimes it is quite possible that you come across photographs that include good poses but not the right amount of light or suitable color combinations. Also, there can be certain pictures in which the unnecessary objects are highlighted because of their bright colors. We advise you to leave such pictures and choose only those which have clarity, right amount of light and effective color combinations highlighting the expected subjects or objects.


  1. Choose Photographs that Look & Make you Feel Happy

Never ignore any such photograph which makes you look and feel happy! It can be a photograph of bride’s dad dancing with his daughter or your bride showing tears of happiness after her uttering of precious words “I Do” or simply speaking any photograph that quickly build a memory around you and makes you feel happy!


  1. Instead of Quantity, Check the Quality!

The number of photographs does not matter! It is actually the quality of photos that matters the most! There is no point in keeping any such photograph that is blurred, unclear or of poor quality. Carefully choose pictures full of emotion, clarity and quality!

  1. Create a Separate Section for Family Members & Guests

We completely agree and understand that you want to keep the memories of your loved ones in form of pictures. You want to have the pictures of all your relatives and guests who attended your wedding. But at the same time, do not forget that wedding day is the most important day for those two people who are getting married. Hence, what you can do is create a separate section for guests and relatives in your wedding album. This way, the bride-groom pictures will stay distinct at their own place while the other pictures will also find a suitable place in your wedding album.


  1. Try to Create Wedding Album in Chronological Order

This method is really beneficial as it creates a perfect wedding album with all events arranged in a systematic way. Try to arrange all your wedding photographs in the same sequence of events that took place on your wedding day.  After few years, when you will take a look at your wedding album that has been arranged in the chronological order, the memories will weave up clearly in front of your eyes and you will easily recall your exclusive moments!


  1. Check for Walls & Background

Remember that wedding photographs are not only observed in detail by the groom and the bride only but also by everyone else who is handed over the wedding album. Hence, apart from the main subject, you should also glance through the background or walls in each photograph. This will save you from any awkward or embarrassing moment. Also, you will stay confident about your wedding album that is full of quality pictures.


Give enough time to choosing pictures for your wedding album because every photograph tells a story in its own unique way! We hope that the above tips will help you create an exclusive and remarkable wedding album which is full of sentiments, quality and some of the most cherished moments of your life!