Story of Gaurav & Priyanka

Ceremonies :-

Engagement/Sagan:                        01-Oct-17 (Hotel Madhuban, Haridwar)

Wedding:                                           23-Nov-17 (Kohinoor Palace, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad)

Reception:                                         25-Nov-17 (Hotel Gardenia, Haridwar)

First Meeting

Gaurav – We met through online matrimonial website. Initially, we started chatting on the website. After few days, we exchanged nos. and started talking to each other. Once we were kind of sure about each other, we conveyed our interest to our families. Finally, our families met and after their approval, we decided to take the plunge and get married.

Priyanka – We met through jeevansathi matrimonial site ..I liked his profile n he also liked my profile, so after acceptance ..we started chatting on the site. Those chats turned into phone calls and soon we realized that now our families should meet.

Feelings or thoughts at first meeting

Gaurav – We first met each other in the presence of our families. So, although we talked on phone multiple times before our meeting, we could hardly talk with each other as she had an exam on that same day and we had very limited time to talk to each other. Plus, I have to say it was feelings of excitement mixed with anxiousness and nervousness that I could not speak much. However, at the end of our meeting, I felt something missing that day and I was longing to talk to her more & more.

Priyanka – Our first meeting was official with parents and it was a Sunday early morning. We were waiting for Gaurav’s family at some place. At that moment I didn’t have any idea in my mind but when we met his family,  it was very positive feeling I felt at that moment.. yeah the same time a little bit nervous but confident too. Then I talked to Gaurav, although it was a short meeting with Gaurav …but yes when I talked to him I found him very genuine and kind person…he didn’t ask many questions from me, but still, I felt very positive while talking with him.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Gaurav – I felt she is the one at the end of our first meet. I was impressed with how calm & composed she was when she was interacting with everyone and then when it was the time for us to talk to each other, we just could not talk much. But, whatever little we talked, I could understand her level of maturity and compassion plus, I felt an aura of positivity around her. In the end, when she and her family left, the first thing that came to my mind is that “I just could not let her go”.

Priyanka – Yes then continues we used to chat each other daily…. after meeting n like to chat n talk to each other…I think we like to know each other ….day by day I like his nature …n like to know his liking n dislikings…one very imp thing abt him I find him very honest n sweet person…he is having shy n introvert nature …he is not very expressive about his feelings when he is wid me ..but yeah I like d way when he expressed his feelings for me in a diff way …that I really liked..actually what I want to see in my partner…he fulfill in many ways d way he is …so yeah I saw him as my soulmate …

The Proposal

Gaurav – We chatted on the night of our first meet where I subtly hinted of me liking her. She didn’t say much that night but said she will let me know soon. She finally confirmed after 20 days as she and her family were pre-occupied in some personal matters. I must say that I completely freaked out during that long wait.

Priyanka – Actually when we knew about positive response from Gaurav’s side. Then ya it was positive response from our side too…but we were not able to convey them as soon as possible at that time due to some reason.We took time and in between I was feeling nervous n excited too, to let them know about our positive response. Actually, I m happy for each other.


One thing you love most about each other

Gaurav – I think what clicks most to me about her is that she is an independent girl and have a great level of maturity. And with all these, she is still a very grounded person. Plus, she has this Big, fat, magnificent smile to die for.  I can put, add and plus multiple times here to define those endless things about her, but the list that defines her would still be incomplete here. So, I would like to say that we both feel being ourselves in each other’s company and this is the thing that bonds us together.

Priyanka – I love his childish smile and his very cute,innocent face, when we are together, the way we smile and sometimes childish n silly things that we do and also our caring nature for each other.  Our understanding with each other is awesome.


Something silly or quirky the other person does

Gaurav – Sometimes while talking, she unknowingly raises her eyebrows to emphasize on things and sometimes she shakes her head in affirmation when she appears unsure.

Priyanka – Gaurav is sometimes nervous in front me and does some childish things. Also, I find it very cute when he complains like a child.

Besides getting married – what’s the other thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Gaurav – I guess we both want to look best on our wedding day so that every eyeball would be on us.

Priyanka –

I see him not only as my partner but as my soulmate. We are really made for each other and I want to feel the same on the day of my wedding.. I hope Gaurav once again proposes me n asks “will you be my soulmate?”


What change do u feel as a person after meeting him/her

Gaurav – I think I don’t have to pretend anything in our relationship as she is not judgemental, but very supportive. So, it is not like I feel kind of changed person now but overall I feel a sense of positivity and assurance around her as I got to be myself being with her.

Priyanka – I don’t know really but yeah I feel happy when I am with Gaurav. I have started liking the things that he likes and now I have more confidence in me

Defining LOVE in their life

Gaurav – For me, love equals being friends and that’s what I found in her. It is difficult to express and understand that how someone other than myself can be so much me and exist in this world. It is cheesy to say but still, I feel motivated to believe she is my soulmate.

Priyanka – Love is a very strong word, it depicts many feelings n emotions. For me, its unconditional and limitless. For me love is gaurav 🙂


Message to each other:-

Gaurav –

  • I feel glad and blessed to get an opportunity to experience love through you. Whatever little time we had experiencing and exploring our relationship so far, I know we are made for each other and I am looking forward to enjoy and share new facets of my life with you.
  • I would like to thank our stars for bringing us together and offer gratitude to each and every member of our families for making the whole journey of our wedding special and memorable.

Priyanka – The way we understand n love each other, this will be life long, for the whole life. I wish to spend each n every moment of my life wid you happily.

His family loves me a lot. God has blessed me with such a nice family n bonding and I hope love between all of us stay strong and we live happily for the whole life…For my family …I love my dad and my younger brother. He is my strength. May

For my family …I love my dad and my younger brother. He is my strength. May god bless them. I just want to say that wherever we live, the love between us will always be there. I am blessed to have a family with my all sisters ,brothers and elders who all love me a lot.