Story of Kapil & Radhika

Ceremonies :-

  • Engagement – 7th Nov Raj Vatika, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 11:30 am onwards
  • Mehendi – 1st Dec at the Bride’s Residence, New Delhi, 10:00 am onwards
  • Wedding – 3rd Dec Gurudwara Sahib Piplani, Bhopal 10:00 am onwards
  • Reception – 3rd Dec Hotel Resham Rao, Bhopal 8:00 PM onwards.

First Meeting

Radhika – I met Kapil when I joined M. tech. course in DCE. Initially, we were just classmates but after some time became friends. We were not very close friends and never directly contacted each other. On a random day, Kapil pinged me on watsapp and I replied to that message. Then the conversation started getting longer and longer day by day and we decided to meet outside our college at CP. For me it was just a normal outing with a good friend. We met at CP went to Bangla sahib followed by dinner.

Kapil – Literally: We first met on 1st August 2012, it was our first day for classroom sessions which began for VLSI Mtech Program at DCE.But I don’t think this would be of any interest, We actually met during an annual technical festival at DCE 2014 first week of February. We were sitting casually at the OAT and talking over different things campus placements, our plans for next few days as we had technical and cultural festivals at our college just around the corner. We also discussed about Bangla sahib Gurudwara and as I was interested to visit she agreed to accompany me. We decided to meet at Rajiv Chowk around 6 in the evening and go visit the same.



Feelings or thoughts at first meeting

Radhika – I was nervous as we were meeting alone for the first time and at the same time excited as it was an outing. Thoughts blended with excitement and nervousness were buzzing around my brain.

Kapil – So very next day 7th Feb 2014 we met at Rajiv Chowk in the evening. I was always thinking about what should I talk about and things we can do at CP. Being Rose Day I also thought about carrying Roses for her but in a haste forgot to carry the same. We finally met visited the gurudwara, ate at local outlets and were walking along when I saw a Rose Vendor near by, I offered buying her a Rose on such a special day. We joked around the color which would suit our present relationship status. We finalized Pink, yellow and White should be fine as of the day.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Radhika –

  • It was rose day so he wanted to buy me roses but I said no as I was nervous and not prepared for roses from a guy on rose day. But still, he gave me virtual roses and those virtual roses along with their meanings touched by heart.
  • As we entered gurudwara, Kapil gave me a handkerchief which he specially brought for me to cover my head. This was another incident which made me think of his caring nature at our first meeting itself.

Kapil – The bond grew gradually, we were together for next couple of days. Went for newly released movie Hasee toh Phasee , enjoyed the days at college during a cultural festival. I had already known her for the past one and half years and was always impressed about the way she used to treat everyone and being humble. After the cultural festival, we started meeting regularly in college. She used to only come to college to meet me when others used to stay at home or hostel as we already had finished our course works and were preparing our Mtech Thesis reports. We used to spend whole days together.


The Proposal

Kapil – I never proposed her formally and things were already in place for us. We already knew what we felt for each other. It was her B’day when our friends actually asked us have I proposed her already and the answer was “not officially”. So I was forced to officially propose her on that day 8th may 2014 her 24th B’day. I would say I was little nervous but excited at the same moment as it was the first time I was proposing her and that too in front of all our friends.

Radhika – We started dating in the final semester of M. Tech. (7th Feb 2014 to be exact), there was no direct/formal proposal from Kapil’s side. After few months of being together we accepted that we liked each other and on my birthday (8th May 2014) party everyone demanded a demo of proposal. That was the time Kapil proposed me in front of my friends. My reaction was pathetic, I was speechless, nervous and senseless. I could not speak a word but action speaks louder than words.


One thing you love most about each other

Radhika – I love everything about Kapil. The way he works, the way he manages everything, the way he surprises me (though less 😛 ), the way his attitude is (very determined), the way he makes decisions, the way he takes care of me, my family, his family, and everybody. In short the way he is. “Perfect”.

Kapil – One thing which I love the most about her is her humble nature, being very kind to everyone around. Never denies helping people in any way she could. Being jovial and jolly she always has a smile on her face, you cannot help yourself but smile back to her.


Something silly or quirky the other person does

Radhika – The list is endless. Nowadays, he is addicted to a silly game “clash of clans” which irritates me a lot. I like those small little fights we have where I demand attention and he demands space. Also, my shopping irritates him but still he is forced to bear with it.

Kapil – When excited and ecstatic she just hops around like a rabbit and one has to literally catch hold of her to stop.


Besides getting married – what’s the other thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Radhika – FUN. I want to live every moment of it.

Kapil – Lot of fun with friends, memories from the day and much-needed rest in the night.


What change do u feel as a person after meeting him/her

Radhika – I am completely changed as a person after meeting Kapil. We were two entirely different personalities but now share a lot of common interests. He took two steps closer to me and so I did.

Kapil – One thing that has changed surely in me, that I now understand the place close friends and family members hold in your life and hence have surely shifted my priorities to be as close as possible to such people.


Defining LOVE in their life

Radhika – Love to me is happiness, happiness to me is Kapil. With him around, I am always happy. He knows me more than anybody else and takes care of small little things to bring smile on my face.

Kapil – I always thought the perfect person in my life would be one who has a very simple nature with no complicated thoughts. One who would be able to understand me very well. One with whom you can share anything. I think she very well fits into this and to addon, her smiling face keeps me glued on to her and happy.


Message to each other :-

Radhika –

  • Looking forward to have a wonderful life full of adventure, care, support and all sort of mischievous stuff that we can do together. I know we together can do anything and everything.
  • Mumma Papa thanks for your infinite love and for being supportive at every phase of my life.
  • Blessed to have a lovely Sasu Maa, an elder sister which I always wanted and such an amazing family who always showers infinite love and blessings on me.

Kapil – The same thing I have always told her and our families always, I am not taking her away from her family and asking to get adjust in my family. We are just extending our families to live together happily (aside from a few normal disagreements, misunderstandings, pouts and silent treatments :P) ever after.