Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot – Photography & Music Video

A photograph voices out a hundred different emotions in just a simple glance. A whole new scale of emotions surface out and one begins to relive those beautiful moments once again. The very essence of pre wedding photography is to put life into the love of a couple and give them a lifetime of memories to rejoice with. Pre-wedding photography and video shoots are the latest craze of the current generation and have taken on quite an impressive standard with the creativity of the photographer- the messiah of picture perfect rejoice!

Pre Wedding in Hauz khaz village

Pre Wedding in Hauz khaz village

The concept of pre-wedding photography

Well, the answer for this is three fold.

• Firstly, it adds an extra spice to the wedding and creates a lively atmosphere relieving the couple of the stress of being an important part of a highly celebrated wedding ceremony.

• Secondly, it gives the photographer and the couple much time to interact with each other and help carry out a perfect wedding scenario. You see, not everybody is model for professional photography. Quite worth it!

• Thirdly, because it’s cool! Obviously, pre-wedding photography and video shoots are one excellent way to get those quirky, vivid and sometimes, random pieces of memories, all entwined together to create a perfect shot for the lifetime, isn’t it?

Some cools ideas you would definitely wish to have for your upcoming pre-wedding photo and video shoots!

Pre Wedding Shoot

Photography essentials

Try random clicks. Trust me, when I say, random clicks make the perfect piece of memory worth millions of emotions webbed into them. This will create the right kind of masterpiece for you to cherish and relive in your future. Random clicks work great too, when you are an amateur at giving poses. A playful mood, a sweet disaster, or just a little romance- accurate for the photographer’s attention!

Pre Wedding

Candid Poses – worth a try!

A simple peck on the cheek or a subtle kiss on the forehead speaks volumes for the intimacy in the relationship. For those random clicks, try non-chalant stares into each other’s eyes or simply laugh away to glory at some joke passed on, while the photographer clicks you out for that picture perfect shot! If you are close enough with the other person, a definite prank or two shall work the wonders! Imagine laughing away to all these memories in the future. Definitely worth a shot, isn’t it?

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

pre wedding 2

Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to accessories and clothing, it always pays to have a variety of outfits to try out in the different clicks. However, always make sure that what you wear is highly in your comfort zone. You wouldn’t want to end up photo bombing the picture due to unpredicted clumsiness.

Try going for ethnic Indian wear or simple evening wear, flaunting off with the plain and elegant evening gown. For college buddies, raise the bar with the twerky cool t-shirts and pajamas for that extra cool look at the end of the day.

p.s. – Always mix and match your clothing with appropriate accessories. It gives the added good look and makes you look beautiful!

laughter & love


Well, this is quite a tough choice! If you can afford for highly sophisticated places, go ahead with the idea. Generally people inch up these pre-wedding shoots with pre-wedding holiday destinations.

However, staying close to the on-the-spot pre-wedding surroundings is highly preferable. Check out for a daily location at your own house- your terrace, a nearby stream, anything that is definitely related to your personal life and to the wedding, of course! Also, try to include a lot of nature in your surroundings. If you are best old buddies tying up the knot, what best place can match up to the good old memory where your journey started.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

There are also some paid locations which are specially setup for pre wedding shoots. They charge a fees for a day and have ready setups for pre wedding and commercial shoot. If you want privacy and don’t wish to travel on the shooting day, these locations are highly recommended. Also different themes and backgrounds adds to beauty of pre wedding shoot.

Pre-Wedding Shoot at village backdrop

Pre-Wedding Shoot at village backdrop

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Count in your friends and family too!

Pre-wedding photography is simply not about just you two. Catch up with the photographer to shoot nice pieces of memories with your highly close friends and your beloved family members. A wedding is just not about the couple. It is about two highly different aspects coming together in union. What best way to hang out with your closest buddies or crack a candid smile on your lovely grandmother’s face! Precious isn’t it?

Take off all your worries and smash up your pre-wedding photoshoot with awesomeness and glory!

Happy Pre wedding!