Stunning Wedding Makeup Ideas

6 Stunning Wedding Makeup Ideas

Makeup tends to grab the most firm hold for almost every single wedding being held in India or abroad. With designer lehengas moving on the top most choices, there is always a need for the perfect makeup and makeup artist in Delhi.
Right from the nude look, to the shady bold beauty, the glorious maroon and bright red, the glittery golden glow, etc., there are multiple other DIY and professional makeup ideas for making this day memorable.
Lets checkout the top 6 stunning wedding makeup ideas by The Glow Bar that goes well with almost every bride and will also help you guide your makeup artist in Delhi for the perfect bride you wanna be:-

The glittery gold and maroon hues or bold red

Gold and Maroon Makeup
Most of the bridal attires come in the varied combinations of maroon or red with any other complementary colour. Thus, this could be the most common yet the most royal choices for a perfect Indian bride. Mixing the glittery gold with it can be simply magical. Try using a matte lipstick of the shade of your lehenga along with a shiner. Highlight the eyebrows and put a few artificial eyelashes and golden eyeshadow. Tie your hair into a bun or leave them a little messy.

Elegant and simple makeup

Start with a neatly tied bun at the back with very little or clean waterproof face makeup. Apply a very little light pink rouge along the cheek-bone with a dark shade matte lipstick that goes with it. Apply dark kajal and liner with artificial eyelashes but do not overload your eyes with heavy eye-shadow.


Elegant & Simple Makeup


The pinkish glow

If you have selected something in pink, right from your jewellery to your outfit, the makeup must compliment it. Ask your makeup artist in Delhi to give that perfect pinkish glow that matches your attire. Choose a little dark pink shade of lipstick, either matte or glossy. Apply a thin line of kajal with a medium line of liner. Highlight your eyes with the right tone of pink and tie a bun or even curly hair goes well with this hue.

The regular yellow and red combination


This regular combination is another most common choice. Try beaded jewellery and glittery to glossy makeup with this look. Apply heavy eyeshadow as per the colour of the dress, along with heavy eye makeup right from kajal, eye-liner and those artificial lashes. Try braiding your hair sideward for a long braid well decorated. Thick eyebrows with light shade of matte to glossy lips will do the magic with this look.

yellow and red combination


Nude makeup

Nude makeup even though looks simple but needs a highly careful approach. Use any of the nude shades that go well with your skin and attire. Curly hair flowing from the side goes well with it. Keep your makeup glossy rather than glittery or matte.

Nude Makeup

Christian bridal makeup

Bridal makeup for Christian brides need to look flawless like the whites they wear. Apply a nude lipstick or a light pink shade with a heavy eye makeup with kajal, liner and eyelashes. Keep the eye-shadow light. Curly side flows, messy buns, neatly tied buns, almost everything can be tried with your wedding gown.

Christian Bride


Makeup artists in Delhi are professionals at giving you any of these looks! Try them for the best look at your wedding.