Veenu & Jatin – Wedding Story by Vivah Moments

Portrait Photographers

Story Of Veenu & Jatin

Sagan – 24.11.2013

Wedding – 25.11.2013

Venue – Radisson Blu Suites, Gurgaon

Wedding planner – Both of us

Make up Artist – Sagan – Sonia Chandola

Make up Artist – Wedding – Suzzaine (Plum)

Wedding Décor- Kanchan Chaudhary

Photography & Cinematography – Vivah Moments


First Meeting

Jatin: Dad called me one day about opening an account with this matrimonial site. I suggested him not to do it as we already had two open accounts with other sites. But he insisted and I agreed. Two days later he emailed me this profile based in Dubai. I went through it and decided to meet her. Spoke to her dad, fixed up a place (Coco’s) and a time (4 pm). I am usually never late, but was at the time late by 5 min. But had messaged her about it. Talked to her, had a piece of Triple Dare Chocolate Cake, walked with her for a while.

Veenu: I met my jeevan sathi on on 9th of Feb this year.LOL. I use to find these sites stupid till I met him. My mom use to come up to me every day with a new match which I use to find faults in ;). Finally she came with his profile and I said yes I will meet. We met for coffee and he was as usual late for it. We spoke for good 3 hrs and took a 5 mins walk too.

Feelings or thoughts at first meeting

Jatin: I felt she was too outgoing for me. But also felt comfortable. So decided to meet up again.

Veenu: I thought he is too American and we are different. But I felt nice meeting him and felt like meeting again.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Jatin: It was when we met at Gazebo’s for dinner. This was the second meeting. She was really considerate and that’s what I liked.

Veenu: We met at one of my favorite restaurant Quarter Deck. I guess the pleasant weather and water side table did the wonder. Our meetings were full of sorrys and thankyous till now. He was so extra courteous that evening. It was an evening well spent and I fell for him. But I was so confused about what he feels for me.


The Proposal

Jatin: Well decided to propose her at this revolving restaurant called Al Dawar at Hyatt Regency. So got dressed up to the occasion. Had arranged for some flowers. Was nervous as hell so wasn’t eating properly. But got the chance to pop the question and she said yes. Well I think she didn’t had a clue that I was gonna propose. Took me a day to plan.

Veenu: Well I had a clue that he is gonna pop up the big question as he was asking me where I would like to go for dinner and all. But I really did not expect him to be so romantic ;). From the moment I picked him , I started feeling special and nervous. He was all dressed for the dinner which made it obvious that today is gonna be a special evening. He took me to this revolving restaurant called Al Dawar. Flowers were waiting for me as I reached .He was nervous like hell, sweaty palms, but I guess he gathered some courage and finally asked me- “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, do you want to ?“…. LOL.. He scared the hell out of me the way he asked ;). And I Said- YES…


One thing you love most about each other

Jatin: She is awesome, just awesome.

Veenu: He is just so caring and so clean hearted.


Something silly or quirky the other person does

Jatin: The way she says “pata nahi”

Veenu: His habit of forgetting things ;).



Besides getting married – what’s the other thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Jatin: Looking forward to see her in her wedding dress. Also, looking forward to have fun on that day.

Veenu: I am looking forward to dancing and enjoying with people I love and most importantly seeing them happy.